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Pilates Engineering, Maintenance, Service and Repair
  • Studio-specific maintenance schedule set-up
  • Regular, periodic service checks
  • Complete studio safety checks
  • Maintenance service logs for liability insurance compliance
  • Equipment replacement for larger off-site repairs
  • Spring rotation schedules to prolong the usability of your springs on all of your equipment
  • Maintenance checks, repairs and set up recommendations to ensure client and instructor safety and increase the life of your equipment

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions you might have!  I'd be more than happy to help!

               Brand New & Already Happy Customers!

"With dozens of apparatus to service, I need a reliable and thorough service provider to ensure my equipment is safe for the hundreds of clients we see each week. Knowing that Regina Arras is both a Pilates teacher and a bonafide Engineer made the choice a no-brainer.  No one else even comes close to her expertise and my equipment is in tip-top shape."
                                                                  ~ Alycea Ungaro, Owner and Founder, Real Pilates, NYC

"…To have an Engineer who is also a Pilates teacher is the best of both worlds - she completely understands my needs and the use the apparatus sees on a daily basis.  I can describe a particular exercise and what happens to the apparatus during it and she knows exactly what I am talking about to diagnose the problem.  Even though I know nothing about engineering or repairs, we speak the same Pilates language and she educates me along the way - I call her my Cadillac Mechanic!  She has incredible attention to detail and her customer service is outstanding.  She understands that I cannot afford to have any apparatus out of service, and installed replacement push through bars on my towers while making a repair at her shop.  Working with Regina is not like working with a vendor - she becomes an extension of and a valuable member of your team!"

                                                                                            ~ Mo Wolfe, Owner, Evolution Pilates, Port Washington, NY